vendredi 7 juillet 2017

Message To Foreign Viewers and Readers

Hello you !

I'm thrilled to know you're so many to use google translate to find data on my blog, to follow my work, to get inspired by new ways of living. 

This is amazing, really; you're coming from United States, Israel - Palestine, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Argentina, and so many more ! 

I'm writing to all of you of course, but sometimes, through the google translation you might have miscomprehension, or errors bothering you. I'm writing in English today, to reach you out ! Hi ! 😊

If you find my work useful, it's really awesome and I'm grateful to have you reading and enjoying because it's the meaning of sharing data and experience, to get inform and to connect ! Yeah, I'm proud !

I want you to know that I'm available in the comment section in English if you feel comfortable speaking ( even if you're not a native english speaker )

I'm also available to talk, share and answer questions here :

If you have any question about an article or a video, or even zero waste, upcycling, baby, family, aromatherapy, plants, veganism, henna, hair - body care, clean life topics. I'll be glad to help, and if you have something to share, I'm interested ! 😃 

Thanks again, hope my next videos and articles will be interesting for you, have a nice weekend ! 💋

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